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Flock to Fright or Flight at the Fringe

By Honey B

Fright or Flight, winner of the award for Best Circus and Physical Theatre at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe, concluded its premier show at last year’s festival with a call to the audience:  “We have ten bottles of bubbly that need drinking, come and help us!” It was a fitting way to celebrate its return to Adelaide as fully fledged Fringe performers. Creative Producer Rockie Stone says the 3 is a Crowd trio are a lot more sure of themselves in 2014. “Last year we debuted our show.  We literally finished it the day before Fringe started and we were totally flying by the seat of our pants,'' she says. "We came to Adelaide to find out about Fringe.  We were ecstatic to be nominated and couldn’t believe it when we won the award!” The company went on to perform at the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane, Edinburgh Fringe, Woodford Folk Festival, the Western Australian Circus Festival and recently, Fringe World in Perth, where they won Second Runner-up for Best Circus. Inspired by the behaviour of birds, see three unlikely hatchlings cluck, peck and cannibalise themselves between spellbinding aerials, off beat acrobatics to a heart-stopping finale. Armed with extraordinary skill, absurdist comedy and striking imagery, artfully complimented by an arresting soundtrack, Fright or Flight will take you on a rare journey into the coop of the chaotic, the beautiful and the enchanting. Fright or Flight is looking forward to playing to bigger audiences at this year’s festival.  “Last year we performed in a venue that was difficult to find so our ticket sales were quite low. "We were lucky though that among the artists there was quite a buzz around our show, so there were always plenty of people in the audience.'' This year Fright or Flight is playing in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. The three performers (Bianca Mackail, Rockie Stone and Casey Wood) warn Fringe-goers not to expect a traditional circus show when they attend Fright or Flight. “People need to be open to seeing something different and unusual,” says Bianca Mackail. “Our show is out of the box and it doesn’t fit a clear category.  It’s not really just circus, or theatre, or dance.” Stone explains.  “Our show is surreal, it’s not a traditional act based circus.  When people have been struck by the show it’s because they’ve liked its absurdity, the way that it’s quirky with an intermingling of beauty, the grotesque and comedy. "And importantly, three strong, expressive, highly skilled performers are not relying on being sexualized female bodies to sell the show.” The show makes compelling viewing.  Audiences at the Western Australian Circus Festival, where Flight or Fright played to a sell-out crowd, gave the trio a standing ovation. Fright or Flight was one of the highlights of our festival this year and we can clearly see why they won the Best Circus & Physical Theatre award at last year’s Adelaide Fringe,” Western Australian Circus Festival director Matt Yates says.  Fright or Flight, Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Little Big Top, until March 16, at 6pm.  Bookings: 1300 621 255
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