Entertainment Hive 2018

Cry Jailolo

OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Playhouse

Review by Honey B

Like the ocean that inspired this dance piece, Cry Jailolo is a rhythmic, seething and powerful entity. Internationally renowned choreographer Eko Supriyanto perfectly and mesmerizingly captured the undersea world and life on a coral reef. Supriyanto originally travelled to the coastal town of Jailolo Bay in Indonesia's scenic and remote West Halmahera region to work on a festival to promote tourism - but he stayed after falling in love with the community and the reef. The journey saw him spend two years researching the aquatic life, which had been ravaged by the harsh practice of dynamite fishing, with several disadvantage youth who were committed to the work. This passionate troupe of seven locals and Supriyanto have created a moving dance piece which features a beautiful blend of tribal and contemporary dance as the men weave in and out like a school of fish and plead for the sea life to return. This work is an other-worldly wake-up call to protect the ocean environment.
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