Entertainment Hive 2018

Bryony Kimmings in Sex Idiot

The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Le Cascadeur, until March 14

Review by Honey B

Bryony Kimming's path to discovering she had an STD is littered with broken hearts and jilted lovers. The shameless 29 year old took the audience on a wonderfully wacky wild ride through her sexual history as she tried to discover where exactly her little problem started. Like an untamed bird she flapped around the stage to a mainly country soundtrack as she contacted her former lovers through emails to ask them to be a part of her show - for each response she received back, Kimmings dedicated a piece of performance art. The year of 2006 and the two lovers piece was heartbreaking, her sexual positions dance for her mother's advice was hilarious and her song listing all the different names the vagina can be tagged with was highly informative. Who knew it could be called a "James Blunt''? Kimmings is beautifully captivating and the most alluring thing about this eccentric performer is her sense of wild abandon. Sure the show can be a bit vulgar and in-your-face, but it was a joy to see an artist push the boundaries so cleverly and in such a unique style. Kimmings' performance was very personal and while it remained a cautionary tale about contracting an STD, it also was about love, love lost, regret and understanding.
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