Entertainment Hive 2018

Akmal keeps it loose this Adelaide Fringe

By Honey B

Akmal has a free and easy kind of comedy style which is a reflection of the funnyman’s relaxed personality. “I have never been able to sit down and write material or I’ve never been one of those comedians who has a show about something – like bicycles or my trip to India,’’ Akmal says. “I’ve never been able to do that and if I do try to do that, I always tend to deviate and go off of the rails and do something completely different.’’ It’s one reason why he’s titled his show simply, Akmal, at this year’s Adelaide Fringe. “Yeah, the title of my show is my name – I’m up there with the likes of Prince and Madonna with the one name thing! “You know some people want to know what they can expect from my show and it’s a lot of me rambling. “And I don’t really know because I don’t know what to expect either. “Part of the fun and the joy of the show is to keep it really, really loose and sometimes you go out on- stage with the intention of doing certain material and you get out there and it’s a different vibe. “So I just chuck my plan out of the window and do something different.’’ Akmal says his comedic approach is probably different to most other comedians, but he loves the unpredictability of it all. “I have never been able to write anything good off stage – all of my good material and my funny material comes from working stuff on-stage. “You never really know what is going to happen but I usually play around with an idea on-stage until it becomes really solid and eventually I keep it. “Then it feels like it’s a well-written piece, but the idea has actually been workshopped rather than written without an audience.’’ Akmal says his style developed thanks to a baptism of fire on the comedy circuit. “I started at the Comedy Store and it was brutal, really brutal there. “You would get buck’s nights and hen’s nights and sometime you would start later in the night and they wouldn’t be interested in listening to you at all. “They’d really stopped listening and started chucking things. “Whatever plan you have at that stage has to change and you are like an animal and you just evolve. “It’s survival of the fittest or get hit in the head with a beer bottle. “My parents never understood why anyone would do what I do when they could become a doctor!’’ Hopefully Akmal doesn’t have to dodge any beer bottles at his gig at the Royalty Theatre this Adelaide Fringe. “This is quite genuine but I think the Adelaide Fringe is one of my favourite festivals because it is kind of intimate and you have a lot of fun here. “The Adelaide Fringe has more of a non-serious, party atmosphere whereas the Melbourne Comedy Festival is much more serious and all of the comedians start to walk around with their managers and their posters get bigger. “I also think that audiences in Adelaide are much more receptive and they are more likely to go with ideas early on.’’ Akmal, Adelaide Fringe, Royalty Theatre, Angas St until March 15. Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au or 1300 621 255
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